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In Search Of Spring In St. Elmo - April 20, 2007

St. Elmo, Colorado Shannon Tucker and I left (from Buena Vista) for St. Elmo at 7:30 a.m. this morning, and my self-declared theme for this photographic adventure was: "Looking For Signs Of Spring In St. Elmo."

Well, we did not find many signs of spring other than a roadside willow sprouting it's puffy, cotton-like flower and a few patches of trees exhibiting faint shades of red and orange on their ends. It has been warmer of late in the Arkansas River Valley (i.e. the vertical stretch from Buena Vista to Salida), but I am holding out on declaring it spring time in the St. Elmo ghost town region. ;)

As you can see, there is still a lot of snow up there! The adjacent photo of this snowy and icy mountain creek (coming down from Tincup Pass) is probably my favorite.

Below is a mish-mash of photos taken all throughout St. Elmo. Special thanks must be given to Shannon for coming along and engaging in some meaningful conversations throughout the drive!

All the best,
Steve :)

Photo Gallery

St. Elmo, Colorado Entering town.
St. Elmo Schoolhouse The historic St. Elmo schoolhouse.
St. Elmo, Colorado Lots of snow remaining at this house.
Colorado Rocky Mountains We headed west on Chaffee County Road 294 and had this view! :)
St. Elmo Ghost Town An old structure.
There was this really dilapidated structure (left photo) that had aspens growing inside of it and remains of what looked like a kitchen area (right photo)!
Mountain Creek A snowy and icy mountain creek coming down from the Tincup Pass area.
Chaffee County Road 294 Another view from Chaffee County Road 294.
Mailbox A mailbox in a snowy area.
Shannon Tucker Shannon stands in front of the American House Hotel Parlour, built in 1882.
St. Elmo Ghost Town I love this photo!
St. Elmo Ghost Town And you thought your neighborhood was run down! ;)
St. Elmo, Colorado Historic St. Elmo homes.
Mountain St. Elmo residents and visitors have a grand view of this mountain!
Steve in St. Elmo Myself, chilling out. :)

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